There is More than One Solution for Improving Your Truck

The old adage that time is money has always been true. In the trucking industry, performance is money as well. Every gallon of diesel fuel saved directly adds to the bank account. Being paid by the mile means that keeping expenses to a minimum and making sure the truck is performing at peak efficiency is the same as getting a raise. Avoiding down time for repairs translates into more miles driven as well. There are plenty of incentives to spend a few dollars on preventive maintenance.

Performance Improvementunnamed

Many drivers are surprised to find out that trucks are not optimized for power and fuel consumption from the factory. Many small design features can be tweaked to boost performance. Here are just a few innovative modifications for improving your truck.

  • Install larger diameter exhaust pipes. The easier it is for your engine to exhaust, the more power it can provide. Aftermarket exhaust pipes are easy to install.
  • A turbocharger will force more air into the engine, burning more fuel more cleanly. This will boost power and actually save on fuel cost.
  • More air means more fuel can be burned. Installing a flow meter and pump, such as the Fass fuel system Duramax pushes fuel to the injectors, eliminating air and vacuums from tank to injector.

These are only a few of the things a driver can do to improve a truck’s performance. Sometimes, though, things break, and it seems like it always happens when far from home in a place that will take hours for help to arrive. That’s why smart operators invest in storage compartments.


Many times a small part fails, causing the entire truck to be sidelined. Operators tend to know their trucks better than anyone else, so investing in a supply of the things most likely to sideline a rig makes sense. Most trucks have a compartment for tools, but tool boxes for trucks are usually too small to hold all the tools that might be needed. Adding storage for trucks takes up little or no cargo or sleeping room and can save time and money by stocking the right items and the tools required for installation or repair.

Trucking is a tough job, and trucks are workhorses. Better performance and storage of the right items and tools help to stay on the road.