Best Innovative Ways to Spend Less Time Cleaning

House cleaning is not as easy as it once was. Due to the toxins we are exposed to, as well as dust and dander, homes across America have been in need of more intense cleaning. Many families choose a day each week (or even monthly) and attempt to clean as much as they can. This wastes time and energy, as well as resulting in a less clean home. There are excellent ways to keep a clean house and spend less time cleaning.

Hire a Residential Cleaning Service

brush-15931_960_720With the advent of the internet, it has never been easier to find a house cleaning service. For example, a maid service is a cost effective way to maintain a clean house. Any issues with the maid can be addressed quickly, and maids are often required to submit a background check. Maids can accommodate generally any family. You can request as many or as few cleanings as you would like, and you do not have to utilize the maid service weekly.

Do Regular Deep Cleans

The carpet is the biggest place for germs, dust, and toxins. Many people do not realize that vacuuming is not enough to remove bacteria from the carpet. The best solution to ensure a quick and effective house cleaning is with the use of a carpet cleaning service. They are professionals who can sanitize your carpet without discoloring it or utilizing harmful chemicals. This is the ideal option for Utah residents with pets, as Salt Lake City carpet cleaners know what cleaning chemicals to avoid for the health of your pet.

Spend Less Time Cleaning up the Clutter

When facing an overwhelming project, sometimes it is ease to start a little at a time. One clever option is to rent cheap storage units and store the items that are not needed. Then, you are free to focus on one aspect of the house as opposed to getting distracted with multiple projects. After each project is completed, remove the items from self-storage. While you remove the items from storage, ask yourself “is this item really valuable to me?”. Often, you will discover that the space created by removing the item is more valuable than the item itself.

When time is an issue, utilize a residential cleaning service. Gain peace of mind knowing that your home will be clean and sanitary while you enjoy your newly discovered free time.