4 Reasons to Consider the Innovative Technology Involved in Neurosurgery

When choosing a neurosurgeon, there are four important things to be aware of. Many people have not even thought about visiting a doctor who specializes in neurosurgery to get help with their pain problems, but there are plenty of good reasons to find out what the innovative technology of neurosurgery can do for you and your pain causing condition.

Neurosurgery is a Wide Field

First, know that a neurosurgeon performs more types of surgery than you may realize. Neurosurgeons do more than just brain surgery. In fact, neurosurgery is a wide field that includes the whole nervous system. This means that neurosurgeon can also be a neck surgeon and a back surgeon. Neurosurgeons, therefore, are eminently qualified for any surgery involving the nervous system.

Neurosurgeons have Different Techniques than Orthopedic Surgeons


Salt Lake City spine surgeons are sometimes orthopedic surgeons, but in many cases they are neurosurgeons with specialized training. For example, neurosurgeons use innovative micro-surgical methods that orthopedic surgeons are not trained in. For complex cases involving the back, the neck, the spinal cord, or any other component of the nervous system, orthopedic surgeons have unique techniques that may be better suited to the problem than those of the orthopedic surgeon.

Neurosurgeons Take More Time with Surgery

Utah back surgeons that are neurosurgeons are unique because they take more time with the surgery. The surgeon’s main focus is making certain that the nerves causing the issues are completely freed so they can function properly. According to medical professionals like Gary Young, surgery within the spinal canal and on the spinal cord itself is very complex and neurosurgeons take the extra time to make sure it’s done properly.

Neurosurgeons Provide Non-Surgical Solutions

Many people are surprised to learn that not all pain solutions recommended by neurosurgeons are actually surgical. A number of patients do not need major surgery for their pain. Instead, neurosurgeons may start with Innovative, non-invasive solutions like pain management and physical therapy. Neurosurgeons may also consider minimally invasive solutions like spinal block injections or trigger point injections to resolve pain.

If you are suffering and think it might be time to look for a medical or surgical solution, neurosurgery can be the ideal solution.